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An Ecosystem for what's next

The BIG FIVE Savanna Club has the vision to build an entire blockchain driven ecosystem that connects innovative minded entrepreneurs with a new generation of consumers and create a never seen transparency in between that can flip our consume system.

The Components

Innovations & Solutions

Investment & Funding





How we build it?

To create impactful change it needs more than an idea and a passionated team behind. It needs the commitment of the community to spread it around the world. We wee a opportunity in the Web3 transformation to build something impactful with a strong community behind. 




based multichain support


based memberships


Open for innovations


business share token

Ecosystem Components


Our vision is to build the next generation consume system on the blockchain. Therfore we need innovative minds that solve existing problems with next generation business ideas. Wich will all be connecetd through a dencentralized ecosystem. 

Investment / Funding

The BIG FIVE Savanna Club changes the way how business ideas get funded. Within our “Savanna Lodge” NFT holders will be able to pitch ideas to the community and get offer a whole new transparent funding round based on secure tokens, that represent shares. 


To expand our global reach we will introduce a technology based interface that enables existing brand and business innovations to connect to the BIG FIVE ecosytem.  That on the other side sharesconsumers in our open ecosystem new consume inspirations. 


We believe in the values of hte Web3 and start the transformation right now. The BIG FIVE Ecosystem will be created on a decentralized approach where everyone has the full controll over their data and assets. The platform we build will be the management layer. 


Strong communities can have a huge impact on our worlds future. That’s why we build the BIG FIVE Ecosystem focused on communities. Meaning that we want to enable community builders a whole new way of member interaction based on the blockchain. 


We see a huge opportunity in blockchain technology to change our current consume system. By creating transparency between brands and consumers and by giving both new opportunities to interact and build a long term relationship. 

/ onboarding the consumer blockchain

The BIG FIVE Ecosystem

The first decentralized ecosystem that gives next generation innovations a growth plattforms and onboards consumers on the blockchain. Which creates a whole new consumer system on the blockchain, that is driven by transparency and individual control. 

Genesis Series

exclusive Access

Business Launchpad

Tokenization Market

Community Fund

BIG FIVE Enterprises

Savanna LODGE

enable new innovations

Community Startups

Brand Units


BIG FIVE Foundation


Expand global reach

Savanna Frieds Club

Savanna Birds Club

Third Party NFT Communities

NFT Culture

✳︎ Ecosystem Layers

The BIG FIVE Ecosystem will work in different layers that will be enabled through the future development of roadmap activations and thrid party expansion

Savanna Lodge

A members only digital workspace that enables new business innovations to launch.

The Savanna Lodge is the digital meeting point of the executive comitee, which is represented by all Genesis Series NFT Holders. Holders get access by wallet authentication. Inside the Savanna Lodge members have access to different functions and ownerships. Like the Business Center where on the one side members can upload business ideas based in smart contracts. And on the other side the opportunity to invest in businesses by owning secure tokens that represent business shares. Genesis Series Holders are also shareholders of the whole BIG FIVE Savanna Club and have the right to decide how we will develop the entire ecosystem in the future. 


A decentralized network of innovations and technology that connects all the ecosystem individuals.

As “BIG FIVE World” we describe every single individual, brand, business or third party community that are connected to the ecosystem based on the blockchain. Therefore we will introduce different technical solutions and tools that enable an easy access to this digital world. The BIG FIVE Ecosystem will not be owned by an organization, it will be owned in parts by everyone who is a part of it. We believe that this the best way to share responsibilities on a wide range. The Blockchain is more than just digital currencies and tokens. It enables mindblowing opportunities for everyone of us, all by giving us a full transparency at any time. 

NFT Culture

A multi-chain collaborative network that growth the ecosystem global reach and usage.

Decentralization is not about building a centralized platform or community and enable blockchain based features. We believe that by creating an open system that is build on a multi-chain approach we can expand out ecosystem better and more flexible. This will enable businesses whole new dimensions of customer interactions while being fully transparent and giving control to the consumers. At the same time we want to inspire the economy by creating more and more own solutions to work with digital assents and tokens. 

/ FAQ Ecosystem

✳︎ Questions about the Ecosystem?

Here are the answers to the most common questions. If you have any more question join our discord and we're open to answer any of your questions about the BIG FIVE Ecosystem.

The BIG FIVE Savanna Club is the executive comitee behind the whole Ecosystem, that we will develop in collaboration with the Genesis Series holders. The so called “executive comitee” decides about new innovations that will be implemented in the ecosystem.

There are no bonding curves at the B5SC. Every Geneis NFT will cost 0.5 ETH + Gas Fee for everyone. 

The Savanna Lodge will be launched after the Genesis Series Mint. We will announce the final release date on our discord in the Genesis Holder channel. 

The BIG FIVE Ecosystem will be developed based on the Ethereum blockchain. In future development releases we will also add other blockchain compatibilities to expand the ecosystems possibilities. 

The BIG FIVE Enterprises Incubator will be work as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) where B5SC Genesis members will vote for start ups that they want to join the ecosystem. In return the community commits to support the startup to launch successfully. In return the startup commits to share a lifetime profit share of 5% with the B5SC community that will go back to the fund culture of the B5SC. 

In the beginning the primary supporter will be the BIG FIVE Solutions Unit, which is the in house service divsion of the Group. Our Branding, Design, Marketing and Development team will work together with the start up to build a strong technical fundamental as well as a proper marketing strategy for the launch. In the future there will be a open space where experts from the community as well as from partners can join the incubator and work together with our start ups. 

We can’t release any detailed information about future partnerships and collaborations yet. But there will be some amazing actions happen in the near fututre. 

The bussinesss share tokens are exclusively available in the Savanna Lodge of the BIG FIVE Savanna Club and will represent what we know from the stock market in our blockchain driven ecosystem. 

A tokenized company share is the digital representation of the underlying physical share of a company in the form of a cryptographic token. Upon qualifying a token as a security, specific laws apply. A security token needs to be negotiable. Though tokens do not directly represent company shares, they possess the same characteristics such as the right to receive dividends (a part of the company’s profit) and voting power (regarding the company’s decisions).

The Savanna Friends Club will be the second NFT collectible series of the BIG FIVE Savanna Club that expands the amount of official members with 55,555 new members. The difference to the Genesis Series is that this drop is focused on consumers that we onboard to the blockchain and our ecosystem. 

The Savanna Birds Club will be the third and last evolution of our digital character universe, that brings a whole new usecase to NFTs. We will bring the real world savanna birds as base characters to our ecosystem and give third party community owners the chance to launch their own collections based on our basee characters. This will enable specials for the third party community and will also give the new owners access to our ecosystem. 

The community will benefit from the profit share of the startups that will go back to the start up pool as well as the genesis pool. The more profit a startup will generate the more the community will benefit from it. Genesis NFT Owners also will benefit from spacial actions and events presented by the start ups and brands. 

In Stage 2 after the Genesis NFT sale the first startup (BAZZCON) NFT shares will be available on the Savanna Lodge. 

✳︎ Join us on our Journey

If you are an innovative and ambitious founder or entrepreneur that believes that we can have an impact on the future by changing the perspective. Join our next generation intellectual property community.