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The BIG FIVE Savanna Club is not a short-term NFT project to make profit flips. It's a vision driven operation with real operations behind that are committed to a vision for the next decades. You're welcome to join.

Stage 1

The Genesis Series

Stage on of our development roadmap is all about the Genesis Series where the first 11,111 members will join the long-term vision. The Genesis Members will represent the future executive committee, which decides about future innovations, development and collaborations. Genesis Members are also allowed to join funding rounds at the BIG FIVE WORLD Platform and have VIP access at every brand and business that joins the future ecosystem. 

Stage 2


The ZONDORRA Hub will be a blockchain driven launchpad to enable fundraising for small and medium sized consumer innovations and brands. Innovators are able to offer RWA Tokens to investors to realize their idea. Based on smart contracts investors will automatically receive their dividends from all their investments. 

Stage 3


Right after the launch of the Hub we will launch the ZONDORRA Market as a part of the overall ZONDORRA platform. The Market define a whole new experience for consumers to discover new products based on their individual behaviours. Based on VR-Technology we will be able to bring e-commerce into a real world experience. 

Stage 4


ZONDORRA Connect will enable existing e-commerce brands to join the ZONDORRA Platform. Thanks to API to Shopifiy or WooCommerce business an import their product portfolio to ZONDORRA Market and integrate the unique ZONDORRA checkout process into their shops. In addition to that ZONDORRA Connect will integrate social commerce platforms to attract new consumers. 

Stage 5


ZONDORRA Pay will finally close the gab between e-commerce and traditional retail stores. We will enable retail stores to accept blockchain based payments at their Point-of-Sale and to make their product portfolio accessable to nearby ZONDORRA users thanks to ZONDORRA Connect. 

✳︎ Your Journey to ZONDORRA

As a B5SC NFT Holder you will enjoy free liftetime access to the entire ZONDORRA platform to launch and participate on future consumer innovations. Together we will paving the path to the Savanna of ZONDORRA.