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The BIG FIVE Savanna Club is not a short-term NFT project to make profit flips. It's a vision driven operation with real operations behind that are committed to a vision for the next decades. You're welcome to join.

Stage 1

The Genesis Series

Stage on of our development roadmap is all about the Genesis Series where the first 11,111 members will join the long-term vision. The Genesis Members will represent the future executive committee, which decides about future innovations, development and collaborations. Genesis Members are also allowed to join funding rounds at the Savanna Lodge and have VIP access at every brand and business that joins the future ecosystem. 

Every Genesis Series NFT Holder will automatically particiapte on the Savanna Club Minting Contest where we will randomly choose 5 lucky owners where each will win 5 ETH as a special gift. 

As soon as all Tokens from the Genesis Series are owned by the community we will announce the launch of the Savanna Lodge to start our journey of building our entire ecosystem in collaboration with the genesis members. 

From the Genesis Mint 5% will go to the BIG FIVE Foundation which supports ambitious charity projects around the world that support our vision of creating a better tomorrow. 

As soon as 60% of the tokens are sold we will open a very exclusive members only store with a limited Genesis merchandise fashion collection. 

Stage 2

BAZZCON - the first community startup

Right after the Genesis Mint we will introduce the next stage of the Savanna Club roadmap which is the finalization of the BAZZCON platform and app. Genesis Members are able to get early insides into the project, buy business share tokens to become a shareholder and can share input on how they want the final product.  

Stage 3

Savanna Friends Club

In stage 3 we will expand the community by 55,555 available tokens which primary purpose is to onboard consumers to the blockchain. Holders of a  Savanna friend token will enjoy all the benefits like Series #1 Holders in the BIG FIVE Ecosystem from the user perspective. If they want to pitch a business idea to the Genesis holders or want to invest in NFT business shares, they need to add a Totem NFT to their character NFT to get access to the founding Level. 

Stage 4

Savanna Birds Club

The goal of stage 4 is to connect multi communites with the BIG FIVE Savanna Club where the Community owner of founder can buy a “Savanna Bird” and is able to create a own collection from the base character to eneble the existing community members to connect to the B5SC. The amount of available variations is open because of the huge spectrum of birds in the african savanna which all can be used to create a new collectible set of tokens. 

Stage 5


Stage 5 is all about global expansion. We will run huge campaigns around the world to win new partners and onboard more brands and businesses to our ecosystem. Our goal is to onboard at least 10k businesses around the world until 2030 and connect them with at least 100 Million consumers that use the decentral BAZZCON platfrom. 

✳︎ We'll be here for decades

We are at the very beginning of a huge transformation that NFTs will bring to our world. Get more detailed updated and release announcements on the BIG FIVE Savanna Club Discord Server.