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B5SC Genesis Collection Mint


Public Sale Price

$155 in ETH

Public Sales Date: TBA

Random Minting with the “first comes, first serve” principal. 

Don't Miss our Minting Events and Get your NFT

Partner Sale | 3,500 items

$155 in ETH per NFT | Only for Partners


Whitelist Sale | 4,500 items

$155 in ETH per NFT | Mint Guarantee


Public Sale | 3,111 items

$155 in ETH per NFT | Open Sale


How to Mint a NFT?

Follow you see an outline of the process on how to buy an B5SC NFT. If you still need help feel free to join our Discord and ask for help in the Support channel. 

MetaMask Browser

To connect to our Minting Application you need to have MetaMaks Installed in your Browser.

MetaMask App

If your are using a Smartphone you can get MetaMask as an App to connect to our Minting DAPP

Add Ethereum

The B5SC NFT is created on the ETH blockchain and you need to have $155 in ETH (+ Gas Fees) in your Wallet. 

Purchase NFT

If you have everything prepared you are qualified to purchase a NFT at our sales events. 

What to expect of being a community member?

The purpose of our community is to build a unique place that share interests about new generation businesses. If you are interested in sharing and learning from other business builders or you want to find new investment opportunities that can define the future. You can expect to find people that share the same mindset and interests. As one strong community every has the same chance to participate from the future expansion of the BIG FIVE Ecosystem. 

Which Character is Yours?

Every of our NFT is unique. Based on the real world savanna population some characters are rarer than others and they will be given away randomly. 

Innovative Buffalos

40 % | 4,444 items

Executing Cheetahs

30 % | 3,333 items

Storytelling Elephants

20 % | 2,222 items

Experience Rhinos

6 % | 666 items

Attention Lions

4 % | 444 items

✳︎ Join our Wild Journey into the Web 3.0

The final mint date will be announced on our discord server. You also can sign up for a whitelist spot there to have a minting guarantee.