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Onboarding Entrepreneurship to the Consumer Blockchain.

A BIG FIVE Group NFT project around intellectual property to build an extraordinary community of entrepreneurs and innovators to onboard consumers on the blockchain.

The BIG FIVE Savanna Club is a unique NFT project that has the vision to expand the possibilities of NFT usage and to onboard open minded entreprenerus as well as consumers to the blockchain.

The BIG FIVE Savanna Club exists to close the gap between new entrepreneurs and experienced business builders by providing real world utility to both. By owning a B5SC Genesis NFT, you get exclusive access to our future expanding entrepreneur network. A Network where you will find amazing entrepreneur-minded people that might be interested to join your start up team, members only investment opportunity in new business ideas based on NFTs. 

Join the #BIGFIVESavannaClub to be a part of our mission to build the businesses of tomorrow as a community and help us to onboard the billions of consumers around the world to the blockchain. 

The Club Savanna

Genesis Series

The wild beginning of a long-term journey into a decentralized world of opportunities which are way more than digital collectibles stored on wallets.

Building an decentral executive comitee

The BIG FIVE Savanna Club Genesis Series is a collection of 11,111 unique NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the wild savanna of the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Our NFT project is not just an NFT collection, it’s a next generation launchpad for our holders to benefit from amazing business launches and to connect to the right people, to make your business idea the next success story.
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The Ecosystem

A technology based ecosystem with the mission to onboard a new generation of consumers and forward thinking businesses to the blockchain.

An impactful ecosystem that onboards businesses and consumers to the blockchain

Lokale Einzelhändler verschwinden von der Bildfläche und hinterlassen gähnende Leere und Orte der Erinnerungen. Was ist also die beste Strategie für dich, um die schnelllebige Welt des E-Commerce für deinen eigenen Geschäftserfolg zu nutzen? Das Zauberwort heißt: Digitale lokale Identität. Zeige Gesicht vor Ort, schaffe deinen regionalen Charakter und wage den Schritt zur Onlinepräsenz mit deinem Online-Shop. Das ist deine Lösung mit Substanz, um langfristig erfolgreich zu sein.
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The Incubator

A blockchain based ecosystem hat connects innovative ideas and next generation consumers.

We support innovative founders moving the world forward and solving future challenges.

We know how it is to be a start up, because not that long ago we where one. We want to make a change on how business will be build in the future and give ambitious founders a platform to thrive.
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The Execution

A technology-driven media and communication company that helps businesses to stand out for what's next.

Building what's needed next

Our world is in transformation, therefore we are brand builders, media strategists, tech experts, modern communicators, attention traders and entrepreneurial thinkers. BIG FIVE Solutions is a global acting solutions and service provider that helps ambitious brands and business to master their biggest challenges in digital business transformation.
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The Foundtion

A global acting, blockchain-driven charity organization that has the vision to flip the system by actively giving back and building impactful momentum around the world.

Investing in a different tomorrow

The BIF FIVE Foundation is a modern-day social charity division of the BIG FIVE Group that benefits from a different defined consumes system, which gives consumers an additional choice. Our mission is to help solving some of the biggest challenges for humanity.
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Dear Entrepreneurs,

We are living in a world of change. Especially in a world that will be transformed by technology. We believe that the Blockchain will be the biggest revolution since the Internet itself and we see a huge potential for open minded and ambitious entrepreneurs to create a whole new culture of product and service innovations. Innovations that are driven by new values like transparency and authenticity. 

We allready have a million ideas in our mind on how we can use the blockchain to reinvent a whole consume system. But we can’t do it all by our own. That’s wy we created the BIG FIVE Savanna Club, which builds a fundamental community driven base to bring our big vision to the market. We would love to invite you to join our journey into the web3 transformation of our consume system. 

Authentic Cheetah

B5SC #77

Authentic Cheetah

B5SC #3

A NFT Collection that onboards entrepreneurs to the blockchain

Our vision is to build the next generation consume system on the blockchain. Therfore we need innovative minds that solve existing problems with next generation business ideas. Wich will all be connecetd through a dencentralized ecosystem. 

To expand our global reach we will introduce a technology based interface that enables existing brand and business innovations to connect to the BIG FIVE ecosytem.  That on the other side sharesconsumers in our open ecosystem new consume inspirations. Join us on our journey today. 

✳︎ Ready to Create?

We build what's needed to challenge the status quo. We means the whole community and us. We only work collaborative with our members. What's needed is not always what's expected.